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Uniting Faith and Technology: ChurchSpring Deploys Church Services in the Digital Age

ChurchSpring is a leading platform that empowers churches with easy-to-use, innovative, and reliable digital tools to engage with their congregation and community. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of features, including live streaming, sermon archives, event management, and online giving, all designed to help churches thrive in the digital age. ChurchSpring has become a trusted partner for thousands of churches across the globe, enabling them to focus on their mission while the platform takes care of their technical needs.

The Challenge

As ChurchSpring continued to grow, they introduced a range of new features to meet the evolving needs of their church partners. This rapid expansion led to an increased demand for the platform, with the highest traffic occurring from Friday to Sunday when church services are taking place. The surge in demand put considerable strain on their existing AWS infrastructure, and it became increasingly challenging for the ChurchSpring team to scale, operate, and monitor the platform efficiently.

In addition to their cloud operations, ChurchSpring needed to streamline their development operations, adding new environments and implementing efficient DevOps pipelines to release updates and improvements faster. The goal was to ensure a seamless experience for their users, regardless of the traffic volume or the number of features being deployed.


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Our Solution

To tackle these challenges, ChurchSpring turned to Cloudacio, an expert in cloud operations and DevOps services. Cloudacio began by conducting a thorough analysis of ChurchSpring’s existing infrastructure and identifying areas for improvement. They then created additional environments tailored to specific applications, decoupling some of the infrastructure components and migrating them to specialized AWS services. This allowed ChurchSpring to efficiently scale and manage their core platform while maintaining optimal performance during peak traffic periods.

Cloudacio also implemented a comprehensive DevOps strategy, automating various processes and integrating cutting-edge tools to streamline the development lifecycle. This enabled ChurchSpring to deploy new features and improvements with greater speed and reliability, ensuring that their platform remains at the forefront of church technology.

Today, Cloudacio continues to provide 24/7 cloud monitoring and operations to ChurchSpring, ensuring their platform remains stable, secure, and always available to serve their global community. Thanks to their partnership with Cloudacio, ChurchSpring has been able to maintain an impressive 99.99% uptime, while simultaneously releasing more than 50 new features in the past year alone.

This successful collaboration between ChurchSpring and Cloudacio has not only empowered churches with the digital tools they need to thrive but also paved the way for further innovation in the realm of church technology.

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Mike Kurrle

Mike Kurrle

VP of Product, ChurchSpring

Cloudacio's expertise in AWS infrastructure and DevOps has helped us scale our platform, ensuring seamless services for our church partners even during peak traffic periods. The Cloudacio team is professional, responsive, and always there to support us 24/7. Thanks to them, we can focus on our mission of empowering churches while they take care of our technical needs. We highly recommend them for Cloud Operations and DevOps services.

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