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A Kubernetes Makeover: Modernizing Infrastructure and Empowering Developers

CitizenNet, a subsidiary of the global media giant, Condé Nast, is a leading social advertising platform dedicated to helping marketers drive better results through its predictive audience targeting and optimization solutions. With a clientele that includes major brands like Vogue, Wired, and GQ, CitizenNet consistently strives to deliver innovative and performance-driven advertising campaigns.

As a part of Condé Nast’s digital arm, CitizenNet’s cutting-edge technology and data-driven approach are crucial to its success in the rapidly evolving advertising landscape.

The Challenge

CitizenNet’s software development teams relied on multiple Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) clusters to manage their development and production environments. As the company continued to grow, so did the complexity of their infrastructure. The developers needed specialized Kubernetes support, available on-call, to manage their multiple EKS clusters effectively.

CitizenNet approached Cloudacio to address the following challenges:

  • Automate the deployment of environments for developers.
  • Automate infrastructure management with AWS CloudFormation.
  • Perform seamless EKS cluster upgrades.
  • Optimize infrastructure costs.

The stakes were high – an efficient and reliable infrastructure was crucial to deliver exceptional results and meet their ambitious goals.




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Our Solution

Cloudacio’s team of Kubernetes experts partnered with CitizenNet to provide the specialized support they needed. Over the course of a year, Cloudacio worked on several key infrastructure improvement projects:

  • Automated Environment Deployment: Cloudacio implemented a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipeline to automate the deployment of environments for developers. This streamlined process increased developer productivity and reduced the time to market for new features.

  • Infrastructure Automation with CloudFormation: Cloudacio’s team developed a series of AWS CloudFormation templates to automate infrastructure management. This made it easier for CitizenNet to manage their resources, scale their infrastructure, and reduce human error in provisioning and deployment.

  • Cost Optimization: Cloudacio conducted a thorough analysis of CitizenNet’s infrastructure usage patterns and recommended optimizations that resulted in a 25% reduction in infrastructure costs. Through infrastructure modernization, AWS Savings Plans and Reserved Instances, CitizenNet was able to save up to $300,000 annually on their AWS bill.

  • Seamless EKS Cluster Upgrades: Cloudacio’s Kubernetes experts provided ongoing support for EKS cluster upgrades, ensuring that CitizenNet’s infrastructure remained up-to-date and secure. The upgrades were performed with minimal downtime, ensuring uninterrupted service for both developers and clients.

Through this collaboration, Cloudacio helped CitizenNet’s development teams manage their Kubernetes infrastructure more effectively, reduce costs, and improve their overall efficiency. With the backing of Condé Nast and the support of Cloudacio, CitizenNet continues to push the boundaries of social advertising technology and deliver exceptional results for its clients.

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Vincent Busam

Vincent Busam

Lead Architect, CitizenNet

Cloudacio has proven to be a great partner for CitizenNet, providing exceptional Kubernetes expertise to support our rapidly growing infrastructure needs. Their team went above and beyond to streamline our processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. With Cloudacio's guidance, we were able to optimize our EKS clusters and continue pushing the boundaries of social advertising technology for our Condé Nast clients. We highly recommend Cloudacio to any organization seeking top-notch Kubernetes support.

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