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EzLogz's Journey to a Scalable and Cost-Efficient Infrastructure with Cloudacio

EzLogz is a pioneering technology company dedicated to transforming the transportation and logistics industry. Established in 2016, EzLogz offers comprehensive, user-friendly, and compliant solutions tailored specifically for truck drivers, fleet managers, and logistics companies. The company’s flagship product, the EzLogz ELD (Electronic Logging Device), simplifies compliance and streamlines fleet management by providing automatic Hours of Service (HOS) recording, real-time GPS tracking, and a range of essential features for both drivers and managers.

Recently, EzLogz launched EzChatAI, an AI chatbot for logistics and transportation professionals capable of answering questions, provide real-time information on weather and traffic and offer personalized recommendations. 

With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, EzLogz has rapidly become a trusted partner in the transportation sector, empowering businesses to boost efficiency, maintain compliance, and achieve greater success.

The Challenge

As EzLogz experienced rapid growth, they began encountering challenges with their infrastructure. Their platform’s response times had slowed, and short outages occurred during periods of high demand. To address these issues, EzLogz initially turned to adding more computing resources, but this approach proved unsustainable and costly, failing to resolve long-term concerns.

EzLogz approached Cloudacio, seeking an effective solution to reduce costs without sacrificing performance and reliability. Their primary goals included enhancing scalability, optimizing resources, and streamlining their infrastructure to maintain seamless service during peak demand.


Logistics & Transportation


Cloud Infrastructure, Machine Learning, IoT


ECS Fargate, RDS, S3, ElastiCache, CloudFront

Our Solution

Cloudacio, leveraging their expertise as an AWS Select Partner, embarked on a three-stage process to revamp EzLogz’s infrastructure. In the first stage, Cloudacio rightsized resources, optimized slow database queries, and fine-tuned the web stack for maximum performance. These changes had an immediate impact on cost reduction.

However, there was still untapped potential for further savings and improved performance. The second stage involved modernizing EzLogz’s applications by transitioning from legacy EC2 autoscaling instances to serverless containers using ECS Fargate. The modernization process took about three months, but the results were well worth the effort.

The newly implemented infrastructure allowed EzLogz to scale out on demand, quickly and reliably, without any performance impact or incidents. The container-based approach enabled precise sizing of every application according to their requirements, resulting in a leaner and more cost-effective system. As a result, EzLogz experienced a remarkable 73% reduction in infrastructure costs within six months.

This success story demonstrates Cloudacio’s commitment to optimizing and modernizing infrastructure, ultimately driving performance improvements, cost savings, and increased scalability for their clients. EzLogz is now poised for even greater success, backed by a robust, reliable, and cost-efficient infrastructure.

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CJ Karman

CJ Karman

CEO, EzLogz

Cloudacio has been a game-changer for EzLogz. Their expertise in AWS infrastructure optimization led to significant improvements in our platform's performance and scalability. Not only did they reduce our infrastructure costs by a staggering 73%, but they also helped us modernize our applications and streamline our system. Their three-step process was both effective and tailored to our specific needs. We wholeheartedly recommend Cloudacio to any organization looking to optimize their cloud infrastructure.

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