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Make a Change Consolidates Cloud Platforms and Enhances Compliance with AWS Migration

Make a Change Canada is a non-profit organization that provides online employment services to Canadians who face various barriers to finding work. The organization offers specialized training programs, job placements, and mentorship to individuals who experience challenges such as disabilities, mental health issues, and socioeconomic disadvantages.

The organization has been making a significant impact on the lives of Canadians since its inception in 2004, helping over 5,000 Canadians find employment and has received numerous awards and recognition for its efforts.

The Challenge

Make a Change Canada approached Cloudacio with a major challenge related to managing multiple cloud and hosting platforms while complying with Canada’s complex regulatory landscape. Their team was struggling with managing security, backups, and email management across different platforms, which posed a significant challenge to their operations.

The organization needed a robust Cloud Management and DevOps solution that would ensure compliance with Canadian regulations, enhance security, and streamline their operations.


Non-profit, EdTech


Cloud Infrastructure, Linux


EC2, S3, Backup, KMS

Our Solution

Cloudacio proposed migrating and consolidating all Make a Change Canada’s platforms into Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing a single, secure, and compliant environment for the organization’s operations. The proposed solution included:

Security & Compliance: Ensured that all data processing happened within the Canadian region and that data was encrypted both at rest and in transit. We also implemented robust security measures to protect against potential security breaches and comply with Canadian regulations.

Backups: Designed and implemented a multi-layered backup management system that relies on local backups, EBS volume snapshots, and S3 to ensure the safety and on-demand availability of the organization’s data.

Email Management: Deployed a self-hosted email service capable of ensuring deliverability and anti-spam protection to Make a Change Canada users.

The migration and consolidation of all Make a Change Canada’s platforms into AWS provided the organization with a unified and secure environment for its operations, enabling it to focus on its core mission.

Cloudacio continues to support the organization with Cloud Management and DevOps, ensuring all its platforms are up to date and enabling the organization to remain compliant and secure while providing essential services to Canadians in need.

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Anne-Marie Edgar

Anne-Marie Edgar

CEO, Make a Change Canada

We were impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise that Cloudacio brought to the table. They helped us consolidate our cloud platforms into AWS and provided us with robust security measures to comply with Canadian regulations. The team was responsive, proactive, and always had our best interests in mind. We appreciate their dedication and commitment to helping us achieve our goals, and we highly recommend their services.

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