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Designing a Scalable and Secure
Architecture for Remote Proctoring

Mereos Experiences Fast Growth as the French Leader of Proctored Online Exams

Mereos is a French ed-tech company that offers a highly secure and flexible online assessment platform for various use cases including certification, recruitment, and professional training.

As featured in Forbes, the solution enables clients to evaluate and certify learners remotely, without needing to travel to an exam center. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it offers an anti-cheating feature and a range of automated monitoring tools to ensure the integrity of the assessments.

The company’s platform is highly scalable and can be integrated with the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle, to provide a seamless experience for both learners and trainers. Mereos’ clients include educational institutions, corporations, and associations looking to deliver assessments that accurately measure competencies and skills.

The online assessment platform offers a range of benefits, including high cost and time savings, increased flexibility, and a more enjoyable experience for learners. By using Mereos, clients have reported impressive results such as a reduction of up to 80% in the cost per session, a gain of up to 85% in recruiter time, and a 4.9 average rating from candidates.

The Challenge

Mereos faced a critical challenge when they decided to implement the remote proctoring functionality. They needed a scalable and secure architecture that could handle up to 10,000 simultaneous tests and ensure the privacy and security of student data, which is highly sensitive and subject to compliance requirements. Moreover, they needed backend software that could detect suspicious activity during the test-taking process, such as students using a phone, or talking to another person in the room.

While the majority of the time Mereos had advance knowledge of when tests would take place, the demand was not always predictable, making it crucial that the infrastructure could scale dynamically to meet the demand, while keeping performance and cost-per-test within the required standards.

To address this challenge, Mereos turned to Cloudacio, AWS Select Partner, and we worked together to implement the tools and infrastructure needed to build a scalable and reliable remote proctoring solution. AWS allowed Mereos to build an architecture that could scale automatically, based on demand, and without any intervention from their team. This ensured that their platform could handle any surge in demand without compromising performance, reliability, or security.


Human Resources, Education, Recruiting, Career Training


Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, LMS, Video Streaming


Lambda (Python), Step Functions, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SageMaker, EC2, CloudFront

Our Solution

We built a serverless solution that leveraged AWS Lambda functions, DynamoDB, Step Functions, and SageMaker to create a seamless and efficient experience for both educators and students.

To achieve the necessary level of reliability and security, we implemented a fault-tolerant system that relied on multiple AWS Availability Zones. This meant that even if one zone failed, the system would automatically redirect traffic to a healthy zone, ensuring that students could continue their exams uninterrupted.

In order to handle the dynamic demand and to make sure the solution could scale accordingly, we implemented a large part of the workload using AWS Lambda functions. These functions allowed the system to automatically scale up or down based on demand, ensuring that the platform was always running optimally while keeping costs down.

With the help of AWS SageMaker, we integrated AI technology into the exam analysis to help detect suspicious activity. This allowed us to analyze video feeds from students’ cameras in real-time, looking for suspicious activity such as the use of a mobile phone or chatting with someone else in the room. Any detected suspicious activity was flagged and sent to the proctoring team for review.

We also implemented a robust data management system using AWS DynamoDB to ensure the security and privacy of student data. All student data was encrypted at rest and in transit, with access tightly controlled to ensure that only authorized personnel could access it.

Mereos was now ready to offer their customers a remote proctoring solution that is reliable and scalable, leveraging the latest in AI technology to efficiently proctor exams in a secure and cost-effective way.

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Dorone Parienti

Dorone Parienti

Co-Founder, Mereos

Working with Cloudacio was transformational for our remote proctoring business. They helped us design and implement a scalable and secure architecture that leveraged cutting-edge AI technology to ensure the integrity of our assessments. Thanks to Cloudacio, we were able to offer our clients a reliable and cost-effective solution that exceeded our expectations.

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