Application Modernization

Micro-services, Kubernetes & Serverless

Leverage the power of Kubernetes and serverless container technologies and take your applications to the next level

Modernize your applications and unlock the benefits of the cloud with our application modernization services. Leveraging container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, we can quickly and easily bring your existing applications into the cloud, taking advantage of improved scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency.  Upgrade to modern, cloud-native applications today.

What makes a difference between infrastructure and a well-architected infrastructure in the cloud?

The answer is simple – security, reliability, performance optimization, cost effectiveness. Cloudacio will help your organization if you want to get started. Good chance to rely on architecture design services and build a solid basis of your IT infrastructure.

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Key Benefits

DevOps Unchained

Faster CI/CD pipelines and efficient deployments without manual intervention.

Improved Scalability

Scale your applications as needed and offload components to managed services.

Enhanced Reliability

Automated processes ensure your applications are always running.


Serverless pay-as-you-go pricing and reduced infrastructure costs.

Increased Flexibility

Deploy and manage your applications across a variety of environments.

Higher Security

Built-in security features help protect your applications from potential attacks.

Our Process

Cloud-Native Replatform

First, we focus on replatforming existing applications to take advantage of cloud native services, such as data storage, streaming, API management, logging, monitoring, and alerting. This allows you to quickly realize the cost, scale, and reliability benefits of the cloud, without the need for major refactoring.


Next, we help solve management and infrastructure concerns by packaging code and dependencies in a common format, and leverage the advantages of the container ecosystem and orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes to reduce complexity and scale effortlessly.


For those applications that are appropriate for major refactoring, we help organizations adopt a serverless approach. This allows you to build self-healing, auto-scaling, serverless applications that are unchained from the limitations of servers.

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Alan Stoddard

Alan Stoddard

Product Owner, LUV

We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with Cloudacio for the revamp of Level Up Village's platform. Their team of experts took the time to understand our specific needs and designed a robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure that exceeded our expectations. With Cloudacio's guidance, we were able to adopt cutting-edge AWS technologies that have propelled our platform to new heights. If you're looking for a knowledgeable and reliable AWS consulting partner, look no further than Cloudacio.

Embrace the future with Kubernetes.

Upgrade your legacy monolithic applications to containerized microservices and leverage orchestration platforms like Kubernetes for improved scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Our team will seamlessly migrate your applications to the cloud, unlocking their full potential and placing you ahead of the competition. Contact us today to start your transformation journey!

Case Study

Revamping Level Up Village's Infrastructure for Global Education

Cloudacio helped Level Up Village shift from a legacy architecture to a microservice-oriented infrastructure. This transition not only provided scalability and security but also set the stage for continued growth and success. We ensured a seamless deployment process and addressed the challenge of processing large video content, leveraging AWS's powerful suite of tools.


Build Modern Applications on AWS

Transform your monolithic applications to Kubernetes orchestrated micro-services and benefit from faster speed to market, increased innovation, reliability, and lower costs.


AWS re:Invent: Atlassian’s journey to a cloud-native architecture

Atlassian underwent a massive engineering project to migrate over 100,000 Jira and Confluence instances to a cloud-native, service-oriented architecture using a microservices model on a multi-tenanted AWS platform. Over the course of two years, they learned learning valuable lessons in successfully implementing microservices and transitioning to a cloud-native architecture.